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It’s a new year and that means a new set of trends that will sweep across the internet. From memes to challenges and even web design, the cycle begins again. As an Ottawa-based website designer, we wanted to share some of the predictions that have been for website design over the forthcoming months. Some of these may not be as likely as others but we are hopeful that some of these catch on, as it will be an exciting year for website design if they do.

Providing your website developer with a great design brief is like creating a roadmap that will guide them through everything you want from your website. As a web design agency in Ottawa, we have built many websites and gained an understanding of how the best client relationships work. When a client provides us with an excellently detailed brief, the process of building their website is very fast as we can organise and schedule everything to align with their expectations. We encourage all of our clients to provide as much information as possible so we can deliver their website quicker and reduce labour costs, which means they pay less for their website!

Some businesses get their website built and leave it to sit there for years before they consider updating it and this means many websites have outdated features for many years that could be putting off customers. As a web designer in Ottawa, we want local businesses to have the best website they can possibly have, so we have decided to share the top five issues that need to be resolved for their website to be visually updated.